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21 Day Total Body Tone Up Program


  • Attend 3-4 Group Personal Training Sessions Each Week
  • Follow a Delicious & Healthy Nutrition Plan
  • See Great Results Or You Get Your Money Back!

Plus, $25 of every program purchased will go towards a gift card at a local restaurant for the cashiers, grocery store workers or convenience store workers in our community.

Join Our 21 Day Total Body Tone Up Program

Start anytime and make the investment in your fitness:



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The Platinum Fitness 21 Day Total Body Tone Up Can Be Done By Anybody, Regardless of Age, Weight, Fitness Level or Flexibility!

Whether you're looking to lose weight or maintain your current fitness level, we can help you reach your goals with accountability and a proven plan.

Our coaches can modify any workout for your specific needs. So no matter your current fitness level, prior injuries or dietary needs, the 21 Day Total Body Tone Up is right for you!


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Three Easy Steps To Success 

  1. Do 3-4 Group Personal Training Sessions with Platinum Fitness Each Week
  2. Your Personal Coach Will Help You Along The Way With Our Customized Nutritional Program
  3. See The Results You've Always Wanted

When Does The Program Start?

There is no specific start date. Once you register, we will contact you to verify your location and set up your first workout.


Where Is Platinum Fitness?

The program will be held at our 3 locations in Fort Myers, FL.

College Parkway Location - 8595 College Plaza, Fort Myers, FL

Gulf Coast Location - 9961 Interstate Commerce Dr. Suite 100, Fort Myers, FL 33913

Cape Coral Location - 2612 Santa Barbara Blvd Suite 14-16, Cape Coral, FL 33914 


What Are The Session Times? 

MON to THU SESSIONS - 5:00a, 5:35a, 6:10a, 6:45a, 7:30a, 8:10a, 8:45a, 9:30a, 3:30p, 4:10p, 4:45p, 5:30p, 6:10p
FRI SESSIONS - 5:00a, 5:35a, 6:10a, 6:45a, 7:30a, 8:10a, 8:45a, 9:30a, 4:00p, 5:00p, 6:10p
SAT SESSIONS - 7:15a, 8:00a, 8:45a,9:30a
The sessions are only 30 minutes so even those with the busiest schedule can find time to workout. 

What Will Be Required of Me and Who Is This Program For?

We encourage you to workout a minimum of 3x per week and send a weekly progress report to your coach.

People from any fitness level can participate in this program.

Our coaches can modify each workout to fit your specific needs, including prior injuries or specific dietary needs. 
Participants range from athletes looking to maintain weight to those that have 100 or more pounds to lose. 
All are welcome at Platinum Fitness.

I Haven't Exercised In A Long Time. Can I Still Participate?

Yes, you certainly can. As a matter of fact... YOU REALLY SHOULD!
Our passionate personal trainers will ensure you can complete the program and get amazing results regardless of your current fitness abilities.
One thing is for certain... by the end of the program you  will have increased energy and a better fitness level in general. 
That's our GUARANTEE!

I Don't Have a Lot Of Weight To Lose. Can I Still Do This Program?

Yes, you certainly can, you don’t have to have a lot to lose to participate in this program. 

Some only have their last 10 or 20 pounds to lose and just want the extra accountability and family environment at Platinum Fitness.

Laura Ann Leslie Stewart

Review from Facebook


"My husband and I joined Platinum Fitness back in August for the three week trial membership. We both loved the workouts and joined after the trial was over. The trainers are phenomenal and truly care about the members. They want each person to succeed and they push and motivate everyone during the sessions."

Diane Bauer

Review from Facebook


"I joined Platinum Fitness a month ago, after taking 4 and a half months off of working out at all. I thought I would be intimidated when I walked in, but I wasn't at all! I was welcomed with smiles and friendly faces and trainers that started pushing me to work harder from Day 1. These trainers know their stuff, they monitor and correct form and they make the workouts enjoyable."

Do Not Miss Out On This Affordable Program!

We make it affordable so that anyone can be healthy. The program will cost you $3.30 per day which is less than the amount of money you will save daily by using our meal plans. 

You're not joining a gym, you're joining a family. We are a community of like-minded people who will give you the positive support and accountability you need to succeed.

For Just $67, You Can Sign Up for the 21 Day Total Body Tone Up: